bePods: the solution to your desire for space

bePods offers you extremely flexible living spaces which combine uncluttered design, high insulation and noise performance and impeccable quality. Designed to meet the growing needs of families in terms of living space, communities looking for inspiring and unique surroundings, or even customised business spaces... Whatever your space needs, our Pods will provide you with an ideal and fully custom-designed solution. an ideal and fully custom-designed solution.

Only one limit: your imagination

The POD is a simple concept, a living space that can simultaneously be a garden shed, a machine room, a pool house, an extension to your house, an office for professionals, a fitness room, a high-end luxury tool shed, a working (or teleworking) space, a guest room... Discover all the possibilities

An extension to the original house

A contemporary space which combines sustainable development and optimum comfort, uncluttered design and quality. With insulation that complies with new PEB standards, the POD is an eco-building which uses an innovative construction system, a steel framework. It is kitted out according to what you want and can be customised to your taste.

Thanks to our automated construction process,
the delivery time for your bePods pod is known at the time of ordering.


  • beSmart

    Structured in beautiful materials, offering an impeccable finish, bePod modules are designed by our engineers to be functional and clever, and drawn by architects to be beautiful. In a nutshell, to be pleasant to live in.


  • beEcologic

    bePod modules open up spaces without harming the environment. Designed to have a minimum ecological impact, all of the materials have been chosen with this in mind, offering a healthy, low energy consumption living space.


  • beEfficient

    bePod modules are completely constructed in the factory so their installation only takes a day at your location. The industrialisation of the manufacturing processes guarantees and impeccable finish, and avoids the uncertainties that can occur on a work site.



Choose your model

bePod modules open up spaces without harming the environment. They are designed to have a minimum impact on the environment.
All materials have been chosen from an eco-friendly viewpoint, offering a healthy, low energy consumption living space.

Looking for more information?

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